In today’s car-buying process, there’s a digital disconnect between car buyers, dealers and lenders. The result is a fragmented and time-consuming marketplace in which to navigate. But Sheng Wang, chief technology officer of AutoGravity, is changing that. Wang is driving the creation of an innovative new smartphone app, which simplifies the car-buying experience by bringing dealers and lenders together in one place — in the palm of the consumer’s hand. AutoGravity offers users a simple four-step process: Choose your car with an interactive car search where buyers can browse various makes and models; find a local dealership selling the vehicle; search for financing with an easy-to-complete finance application, then select from up to four financing offers.

By leading product development for this secure, scalable and flexible platform, Wang is on a mission to create the best customer experience for car buyers — empowering them with a seamless flow from car browsing to financing. So far, more than one-million users have downloaded AutoGravity and experienced the future of car buying firsthand.

“There’s a major movement in transforming the car-buying experience digitally,” Wang says. “I believe technology will advance to enable an Amazon-like car-buying experience in the next two years,” she adds.

In addition to spearheading AutoGravity’s innovative app, Wang is helping make history in the industry. That’s because she’s part of a small but growing group of female leaders who are now taking the auto industry by storm.

“There’s a major movement in transforming the car-buying experience digitally,” Wang says. “I believe technology will advance to enable an Amazon-like car-buying experience in the next two years,” she adds.

In a sector where women have historically been largely underrepresented, some of today’s most impactful executives are women. General Motors CEO Mary Barra, for example, is leading the auto giant to pursue radical new technologies like mass-market electric cars and autonomous vehicles. IBM’s CEO Ginni Rometty is exploring new avenues for car-sharing transportation options and customer connectivity. Then there’s Padmasree Warrior, CEO of Nio, a China-based electric-vehicle startup. Nio is developing the concept of the moving autonomous vehicle that multi-functions as a high-tech office, sleeping space and even living room. Tisha Johnson, senior director of design at Volvo Cars, is using high-tech tools like virtual reality to bring unique concepts to market, including a 360-degree swiveling child seat.

Wang believes it’s an exciting time to be driving digital results in the auto industry, particularly as a woman making a positive impact. She explains, “high tech is mostly male-dominated, and it’s harder for women to stand out.” However, she believes that more women will be taking the lead over time. “It is hard to have our voices heard, but if we stay firm, professional and consistent, it will get through much easier,” she says.

A great deal of Wang’s success comes from her dedicated work ethic, tech-savvy skills and previous work experience. “I am very fortunate to have opportunities to learn from various leaders who allow me to see the broader picture,” Wang says. “I can adopt the best practices that may apply to the automotive industry.” For example, Wang learned from her time as product management director at Disney that customer experience is the key to driving user adoption. During her experience with companies such as Microsoft, eBay and Yahoo, she found that technological innovation is a must-have. Today, she strongly believes this can differentiate AutoGravity from other competitors in the automotive and finance industries.

Not surprisingly, Wang also credits her experience as a woman and mother to positively contributing to her success today. “Having a family and children has helped me learn to listen and be more patient. It has given me the ability to think in terms of other people’s perspectives,” she says.

Wang is certainly researching and evaluating every other perspective throughout the car-buying experience, specifically as she leads product development for AutoGravity. At the same time, she’s changing people’s perspectives about the bold and lasting impact women are making in the auto industry.


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