Regardless of where they hail from, millennial consumers across the nation are discovering how AutoGravity is revolutionizing the car-buying experience through digital technology — giving them the power to find, finance and purchase a car right from the convenience of their smartphone. For international students, however, buying a car in the United States without years of U.S. credit history has not always been so simple.

If you are an international student studying in the States, you’ll be pleased to learn that getting your next car has never been easier. That’s because Westbon has joined the AutoGravity platform to help meet the car-financing needs of students who hail from outside the U.S. Westbon specializes in providing auto loans to international students who don’t have a social security number — or sufficient credit history in the U.S.

Westbon’s innovative underwriting approach, which takes an applicant’s information into consideration for both their home country and the U.S., provides international students with unprecedented access to convenient and affordable financing options. In order to see their credit decision for their new car, International students will not have to provide a social security number along with their status.

AutoGravity is available through the Apple App Store and Google Play for iOS, Android and Web.

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