Like many luxury car buyers, an Audi was at the top of Kelly’s wishlist. “I really wanted a new Audi Q5,” she told us. “But then I discovered the Audi certified pre-owned program. I bought my pre-owned Q5 through Audi CPO and I couldn’t be happier. The process was easy, I saved time, and I got a great deal.”

Audi has been building great cars and SUVs for over 100 years and the luxury German automaker has come on strong over the last decade creating some the world’s premium sedans and SUVs. This has made the Audi certified pre-owned program the perfect option for luxury car buyers like Kelly looking to save thousands of dollars on a nearly new, high-value, low mileage Audi.

This article includes everything you need to know that’s unique about Audi CPO cars, crossovers and SUVs, from where to find inventory at the best car dealerships, buying vs. leasing, and financing. Though, if you want some more general information on the CPO process we have an article for that as well. We’ll tell you where to find special deals and offers on Audi’s best vehicles on websites like AutoGravity and we’ll help you understand these key points:

What is Audi certified pre-owned financing rates?

Audi LogoWhen buying or leasing a car or SUV through the Audi certified pre-owned program you’re financing rates will vary based on your credit rating, usually from an annual percentage rate as low at 1.9 percent to one as high as 4.9 percent.

Like most car companies, Audi has its own credit institution, Audi Financial Services. Its services are available to car buyers through AutoGravity or an Audi CPO dealer. AutoGravity will submit your credit application to Audi Financial for you as well as other lenders. AutoGravity will then display your four best offers.

Whether you plan to buy or lease your certified pre-owned Audi, you can also fill out a credit application on or on the website AutoGravity.

What is covered by the Audi certified pre-owned warranty?

Audi certified pre-owned offers one of the best warranties available. It covers the car after its original 4-year, or 50,000-mile Audi New Vehicle Limited Warranty expires and is honored at Audi dealers all over the country.

If time and mileage is no longer remaining on the vehicle’s warranty, the Audi Certified pre-owned Limited Warranty begins immediately. It then continues for 12 months, regardless of the number of miles driven.

Cars and SUVs purchased from Audi certified pre-owned also come with a 24-Hour Roadside Assistance that offers the following six valuable services:

  1. Free towing to the nearest Audi dealer if you breakdown or have an accident
  2. Jump-start your car battery
  3. Fix a flat-tire
  4. Unlock your car if you’re locked out
  5. Deliver gas to your location if you run out of gas
  6. Emergency service

Is the Audi certified pre-owned warranty transferable?

Yes, the Audi Certified pre-owned Limited Warranty is easily transferred to a second owner as long as the vehicle meets these four guidelines.

  1. The Audi CPO Limited Warranty is still in effect.
  2. The vehicle must not have been totaled by an accident, fire or flood, stolen, exported from the US or imported to the US from another country.
  3. The Audi CPO Limited Warranty is only eligible to be transferred from private owner to private owner and must be requested by the original purchaser of the CPO vehicle. Dealers are not allowed.
  4. A transfer application is available online and must be submitted within 30 days of the vehicle sale.

What is the Audi Certified pre-owned checklist?

Audi-steering-wheelEvery Audi Certified pre-owned vehicle must first pass a 300-point inspection performed by an Audi Dealer. The three-page checklist is available online, and includes the car’s paperwork, history, interior, engine, transmission and lights.

The inspection also includes a road test to check the performance of the Audi’s engine, brakes, steering, suspension and safety features. Even the audio system.

For the car or SUV to become part of the Audi certified pre-owned program, everything must meet Audis strict requirements.  Audi is proud to say that no other car manufacturer puts its certified pre-owned cars through a tougher test.

Which Certified Pre-Owned Audi is Best For Me?

Audi makes cars and SUVs, both big and small. When you shop Audi Certified pre-owned inventory on AutoGravity you’ll find sedans, coupes, wagons, sportscars, crossovers, SUVs, convertibles, supercars, electrics, and hybrids.

One of the features that makes these Audi’s so popular is the brand’s Quattro all-wheel drive system. It provides incredible traction in wet or snowy weather, making the car safer. It’s standard on some models. Drivers looking for more power should also check out Audi’s high-performance S and RS models.

But which Audi is right for you? Here’s a quick guide to Audi’s premium certified pre-owned models.

Audi Sedans

  • A3 is a compact available as a sedan, a convertible and hatchback.
  • A4 is a very popular small sedan.
  • A6 is a popular midsize sedan
  • A7 a four-door hatchback that’s family friendly
  • A8 is a full-size premium sedan
  • Based on the A4 sedan, Audi’s Allroad wagon is also popular and comes with standard all-wheel drive like the A8.

Audi SUVs

  • Q3 is Audi’s smallest SUV. It offers seating for five.
  • Q5 is the most popular Audi SUV. The midsize five-passenger Q5 is also available as the premium high-performance SQ5 with more horsepower.
  • Q7 is a large three-row SUV that seats seven.
  • Each can be found with all-wheel drive.

Audi Coupes and Convertibles

  • A5 is Audi’s most popular two-door coupe and convertible. It seats five and is also available as the high-performance all-wheel drive S5 and RS5 models.
  • TT is smaller than the A5 but also offered as a coupe and convertible. The convertible only seats two, while the TT coupe has a small back seat.
  • Audi R8 Supercar is the ultimate Audi, with the most performance, check out the all-wheel drive Audi R8 Supercar. It’s the most expensive Audi available, and the two-seater exotic is offered as a coupe or convertible. 
  • Audi Electrics and Hybrids: Audi has offered premium electric and hybrid models recently including the A3 e-tron hybrid hatchback and the Q5 hybrid. However, not many were sold.

Are Audi Certified pre-owned worth it?

The award-winning Audi CPO program is one of the best, allowing luxury car buyers to purchase premium, low mileage pre-owned cars and SUVs that have been through a complete inspection. The Audi Certified pre-owned warranty is also the best. Plus you’re buying from an Audi dealer, which has these three benefits:

  1. Easy to schedule service
  2. Easy to purchase parts.
  3. Quick and easy purchase process

It’s an impressive combination. Buyers can purchase a fun to drive Audi, with all the luxury and performance of a new Audi, for a fraction of the cost. And peace of mind is part of the deal, because you’re buying from an Audi dealer, so you know you’ll have a good experience.

Establishing that relationship with the dealership will also prove to be valuable when you need to schedule service for your Audi or purchase parts. It’ll certainly make that process much easier and less time consuming.

Finding the best Audi certified pre-owned inventory is easy as well. AutoGravity allows you to shop inventory in your area. And its inventory is always up to date.

All certified pre-owned inventory listed on AutoGravity includes pictures of the car, its price, mileage and equipment. Also listed is the address of the dealership and some are marked with special offers.

The Audi certified pre-owned program is perfect for luxury car buyers looking to save thousands of dollars on the best Audi cars and SUVs. The Audi CPO program worked for our friend Kelly when she was shopping for her Audi Q5, and it can work for you.

Audi Certified Pre-Owned (Deals and Tips)
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