Think back to the last time you ventured out in search of a new set of wheels. If you’re like most people, your head was filled with uncompromising requisites for what your dream car should be. You knew what would make you happy. And, you weren’t about to settle for anything less.

First off, it had to be a specific color; only “bohemian-rhapsody red” or “silver-metallic serenity” would do. A manual transmission was out of the equation; it wasn’t conducive to your long commute. Great gas mileage was a necessity; in fact, a hybrid was something you’d been considering ever since 2005, when a gallon of gas hit $2.00. And, the car had to have great features, like cup holders; the balancing act between steering and sipping your daily Caramel Cocoa Cluster Frappuccino required too much dexterous synchronization.

So, you hit the road in pursuit of your dream car, the one entrenched in your imagination that met all your must-have criteria. Each dealer’s lot you visited, however, became a frustrating lesson in how tough the search can be without a little technological help. It was also proof positive that driving from dealership to dealership isn’t as sure-fire, fun or efficient as you had hoped.

Now, imagine having a virtually unlimited inventory — millions of cars — right at your fingertips. From Chevy Camaros to Porsche Cayennes, Ford F-150s to Jaguar F-Types, practically every make, model and trim variation would be available to you on your smartphone through AutoGravity’s Interactive Car Search feature.

In fact, with AutoGravity’s proprietary digital technology, you can select from among dozens of automotive brands found in our catalog. Then, from thousands of dealerships across America, you can browse a vast inventory of over a million new and used automobiles. Among the multitude of cars, you’re sure to find the one you’ve been searching for and save precious time and effort in the process.

With AutoGravity, you’ll not only get a leg up on finding the car you want – you’ll also know the monthly payment, with up to four finance offers, right in the palm of your hand. AutoGravity’s simple four-step process empowers you with an interactive car search for browsing various makes and models; a tool to explore local car dealerships selling the vehicle you want; an easy-to-complete finance application for up to four financing offers; and the final decision to choose an offer that’s right for you.


If you’re ready to look for a used or new car, AutoGravity is ready to help. Get the AutoGravity app today and choose your car and get financing in just a few simple steps.


With 30 years’ experience as a writer and marketing professional, Bill Rowland is the marketing team Copywriter at AutoGravity.

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