Nothing matches that feeling of driving off the dealership lot in a new car. But before you do, it’s easy to find yourself spending countless hours simply researching the kind of car you want to drive. Then, you’ll need to spend a while longer at the dealership to square away financing.

AutoGravity makes car buying faster and more convenient by giving you up to Four Fair Financing Offers with one single credit application. You can start the process at

AutoGravity has helped car shoppers with over $2 billion worth of financing requests—but you shouldn’t use it just for those numbers. Instead, here are seven key ways AutoGravity can help you buy your dream ride.

1. It’s easy to use

When you use AutoGravity, you won’t have to head to a dealership or a bank before shopping for a car because the legwork is done for you. The app works like this:

  1. Choose your car, and shop for any new or used model.
  2. Select a dealership or browse inventory near you.
  3. Apply for financing. You can make this even faster by scanning your driver’s license and logging into your LinkedIn account to pull in your information.
  4. Review your credit decision with up to four financing offers.

It’s that easy. “This is the first app of its kind to combine the car search process with auto financing so fluidly,” wrote Marcin Migdal, auto loan expert and Huffington Post contributor, nominating AutoGravity for the top five car-buying apps of 2017.

2. It’ll help you calculate your monthly payments

AutoGravity has a car loan calculator that shows important cost breakdowns like how much the total cost of the loan will be and how it varies based on APR, amount of down payment, taxes, and applicable trade-in value. Use this calculator before and after you get to your dealership just to get an idea of how much you’ll be paying and why.

3. It saves you time

When you use AutoGravity, you pick the make, model and trim of your car. Then, we find the dealerships nearest you that stock that exact vehicle. That means you just need to walk into the dealership, settle on a final price, then be on your way.

“‘I was in and out,’” AutoGravity customer Lisa Harrington told The New York Times. “‘I didn’t want to deal with being in the dealership for a thousand hours, and this was definitely the most painless purchase I’ve ever had buying a car.’”

According to Edmunds, it can take about four hours for the deal itself to close. AutoGravity takes away significant portion of that time — finding the financing — so your deal can close much faster.

4. It’s available all across America

Since the app launched in 2016, AutoGravity has made its way from California to being live coast-to-coast, as well as Alaska and Hawaii. With 49 states of coverage and thousands of car dealerships nationwide, odds are good you’ll be able to use AutoGravity wherever you are.

5. It has new and used cars

AutoGravity’s digital inventory has every make and model of car currently on the market. Whatever you’re looking for, AutoGravity will tell you if it’s available at a nearby dealership. It also offers the ability to search for used vehicles with only a certain number of miles on them. For example, if you’re looking for a used 2011 Buick Regal with 30,000 miles on it — or, one with 70,000 miles — you can specify that when you search.

6. It’s a financing marketplace

AutoGravity is a one-stop shop for finding a car and also getting an auto loan. Once you’re approved, you’ll be shown up to four financing offers. These offers are from lenders the dealership already works with, and they’ll have differing terms and conditions. You don’t need to secure financing or do all the work at the dealership. Effectively, AutoGravity does the loan shopping for you: select the offer that fits your needs at your leisure, then head on over to the dealership to finalize the deal.

7. It’s trusted by industry giants

The automakers that build the cars you love found AutoGravity important enough to invest in and partner with. AutoGravity has secured financial investments with Volkswagen Credit Inc. and Daimler AG, the company which sells Mercedes-Benz, as well as a partnership with Hyundai Capital America.


Ready to jump into a new car? Visit AutoGravity today and get up to four financing offers in minutes!

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